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2019- Stark Training Stables, 

This year we got the chance to coach a few high school kids in the cow horse event  One of the girls bought a horse from Gary early this year. This is Kali Shearn with her horse, Calamity Boon , This was Kali and the mares first year in the cow horse event, They did awesome, made it to State Finals and then to the final go round.

Cooper Iveson, this was his second year in the cow horse. This boy can ride. Made it to the State Finals on his mare, then took Smoke the Kitty(who is no stranger to the game, owned by Lynn Cafferty) from there. This team ended up 4th in the Finals and 8th in the state. Way to go Cooper and Kitty.

So very proud of these kids. Hoping to see both show in the NRCHA to finish this year out.

Onetime QueenofCats and Cindy Urresti, we'll be showing through the year.
Cindy Urresti on Terriffic Scoot, also showing this year


Courtney Claypool, showing this year in the NRCHA

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